I love Itachi so much!!!lololololol

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I love Itachi so much!!!lololololol Empty I love Itachi so much!!!lololololol

Post  Kat on Sun Apr 13, 2008 12:04 am

Ok so I was bored and skimming the web when i found this thing about itachi!!!! It's funny and oh so true!!!!!!


1, Merry Kisame
2, Order a triple decker ice cream sunday with srawberry, chocolate, and vanila ice cream and hot fudge, rainbow sprinkles, and four cherries on top with a banana milk shake on the side
3, Make a stupid face to cheer up Sakura
4, Give Sasuke a bear hug
5, Sing "I am women, hear me roar," at an American Idol try out
6, Stop using Shringon
7, Tell Ino that she would look cute in rabit ears
8, Spread rumors that Kabuto and Orochimaru are going out
9, Go to a tea party with Tenten
10, Tell Tamari that her hair looks funny
11, Invite the cast of Naruto to a pool party
12, Ask Haku whether he is a boy or a girl
13, Go for shark stew with Kisame just to scare him
14, Ask Kakashi to braid his hair
15, Paint his nails bright blue instead of deep purple
16, Sing "My Milkshake" at a kerioke party
17, Go to a Star Trek conventoin
18, Decide that violence isn't for him
19, Prance in a yellow dress
20, Take ballet lessons
21, Join the Foamy Card Cult with Garaa
22, Wear a flowery apron and call Kisame for dinner
23, Fail first grade
24, Die his hair pink and insist that he and Sakura are sisters
25, Invite Zabuza over for a sleep over
26, State to the general public that the rumers are true and that he is gay
27, Donate one thousand dollars to "Feed the Children"
28, Call every number in his phone book and give a random survey to see what the majority
thought of cheese pizza
29, Buy a weasle and say it's his "mini-me"
30, Sell everything he owns on E-bay
31, buy a replica Tetsusaiga and attempt the "Wind Scar"
32, Say' "If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in the morning, I'd hammer in the evening, all over
this land"
33, Go crossed eyed
34, Check his closet for monsters
35, Dance along with the "YMCA"
36, Get merried to five women and have eight kids
37, Cry at the end of "The family Stone"
38, Stand on the top of the Empire State Building and screem "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!"
39, Hug some random guy because he is wearing a cool tie
40, Write something like this
41, Try to mend the scratch on his headband
42, Dress as Sasuke for Halloween
43, Ask Naruto if he can have Hinata when he's done with her
44, Become an avid Yugi-Oh fan
45, Join "The Otaku"
46, Start a fan club that is about him
47, Trade Pokeman cards with a nine year old
48, Tell all of his fans to #@^% off
49, Ask Sasuke to check and see if Santa came yet
50, Get a Gameboy color for his birthday
51, Be emberased about his age
52, Try to catch the Easter bunny
53, Tell a corny joke
54, Get stuck in an International airport
55, Write I instead of eye
56, Watch "Ju-On" and eat at the same time
57, Do a comercial for Dove's new conditioner
58, Play "ro-sham-bo" for a candy bar
59, Become Homecoming King of 2007
60, Have a two day hangover after a New Years eve party
61, Suport Sasusaku
62, Learn French
63, Write a book about how killing is wrong
64, Be my friend
65, Go to church on Sunday
66, Make Sarah Michelle Geller his new idol
67, Fav this on DA
68, Go to Hogwarts
69, Read "The Lord of the Rings" once a year
70, laugh at a stupid knock knock joke
71, Ask where babies come from
72, Run a day care center
73, Name his children Hewy, Dewy, and Lewy
74, Flick his hair
75, Lead a demonstration against war
76, Hit himself and say "Doi, I'm loopy"
77, Write a poem about happiness
78, Go to a fifties cafe and share a milk shake with Shikamaru
79, Wear a "stupid dumb and hiphy" bracelet
80, Smile warmly at a little girl
81, Say "Ino is my bitch!"
82, Complain about his bra
83, Ask Kakashi where he got his skirt
84, fall asleep in a bath tub
85, Strip to the song "I'm too sexy"
86,Wear a sluty santa suit from Victoria's Secret
87, Say "Daddy, I want a pony."
88, Kick himself
89, paint his room violet
90, Flame DA clubs for his own amusment
91, Watch Cartoon Network
92, Join Darth Vador in his quest to distroy the jedi
93, Bake holiday cookies
94, Write a heart at the end of every scentence
95, Go on a date with Kiba
96, Make a peace sign
97, Pose for the camera
98, Stick his tung out
99, Cry after cutting up an onion
100, Kiss Naruto for a dare

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